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Everland Clothing Reviews

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2.5 from 1 review
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Ordered On: 28/11/2013
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erikaowens would not shop at Everland Clothing again.
Will never shop here again
I bought a two-piece set from Everland clothing to wear to a music festival. My friend and I went to the airport first to meet some bands and while I was there the zip broke. Like, completely broke. It wasn't too small for me, it just broke. I wasn't very happy with that but my friend managed to temporarily fix it. We stayed at the airport for a few hours and noticed they started to develop some pilling on it. I was thinking 'hold on, I just paid around $100 for this set and this is happening?'...I wasn't impressed. I dealt with it for the day but went home and sent photos asking for a refund, to which they tried to decline. It took a while but I finally got my refund, but they wanted to me to pay shipping back (which I refused). I was not impressed with the attitude and their customer service was terrible. It did get here quickly though, so the shipping time was a positive.