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Fashionably Yours Reviews

29 Coonanbarra Rd, Wahroonga, New South Wales, 2076, Australia
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About Us:
Fashionably Yours is a leading Australian supplier of Wedding, Bridesmaid Dresses, Formal Wear & Cocktail Dresses. Buy online or visit our Sydney store
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Ordered On: 4/05/2014
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RyanMitchell would not shop at Fashionably Yours again.
Out of Stock - Refund Never Processed
I ordered a robe from their website as a gift for my wife to give to her on wedding day. They charged my credit card and then advised that the item was out of stock. I noticed that the refund had not been received back to my credit card, and have been requesting this over the past 10 months. They stated that their system won't allow the refund due to my credit card has a new expiration date. My bank is saying that this would not prevent them from refunding the money. Either way, I have asked for alternate methods to process the refund, such as check and PayPal transfer, but they are now refusing to do so because of my negative online reviews. That isn't even legal to hold on to my funds when I never received a product. I highly recommend going somewhere else for your fashion needs.