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The Sleep Store Reviews

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About Us:
Australia's infant sleep experts, with free sleep advice, sleep solutions & top sleep brands such as grobag, Brolly Sheet, miracle Blanket, wrap me up & swaddles galore.
Date Posted:
Ordered On: 21/03/2013
Overall Rating
mellie would shop at The Sleep Store again.
One stop sleepw and swaddle shop for babies/toddlers/children
I've purchased a number of items from The Sleep Store over the last few months for my baby girl, and have been extremely satisfied with each transaction.

This latest transaction was for Love to Dream 50:50 Swaddles. As they need to be washed every day, I had to purchase two swaddles. As such, The Sleep Store gives a discount when you buy two or more of some of their products (including these swaddles). It makes them cheaper than buying them direct from the manufacturer!

Shipping took three days from placing the order, and items were packed well with all the appropriate invoices etc.

They also have a really good loyalty points rewards program, which equates to further discounts on future purchases.