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Ordered On: 3/07/2011
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NayanRahman would not shop at Mill Outlets again.
Mill Outlet is a simple site
Mill outlet provides a range of goods. They pride themselves on sewn goods such as curtains etc. I had bought a seat pad cushion for 15 dollars. Upon its arrival I was neither impressed nor dissapointed. It did the job. I think that is how one should view this sites products, the range of goods it provides most likely are not reat nor bad, rather satisfactory. Being a UK site, it takes 1-2 weeks for a delivery to arrive to Australia as it did.Personally due to its not so brilliant range of goods and lengthy delivery time, I would not buy from here again, simply because there are many australian estores that offer the same goods at higher quality, and alos delivery within australia ranges within 3 days.