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Ordered On: 23/12/2012
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squance would shop at Shana Logic again.
You can find awesome unique things that are so cool!
I ordered a Nyan Cat necklace on the 23rd of December from this website. It was a necklace that was priced very well - especially since it is custom made and only able to bought from that website. I had previously bought from this online store and hence trust it a lot. When I placed the order, I received a confirmation email and was waiting for another confirmation email to say that it had been shipped.

By the 26th, I hadn't received any indication of my item being sent so I contacted the seller via the "Contact Us" form on the website to enquire about my order. The seller was very prompt in her reply (replied on the 27th) and had just told me that my order had been shipped.

Items from the USA usually take a bit of time to ship. I chose the cheapest option for shipping - USPS: First-Class Mail International Parcel. That costed around $9 which I think is quite expensive considering the seller is only posting a small necklace.

The necklace arrived just under two weeks (arrived on the 7th of January) and I was pleased.

If the seller releases another version of the Nyan Cat necklace on her website in the future, I will definitely buy again!