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1 out of 1 review would shop here again
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Ordered On: 2/11/2012
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cruncho would shop at Shirtpunch! again.
Don't buy from here again.
Wanting a NCIS shirt that has a bit of thought in it, being able to get not just a tee, but a long-sleeved tee and at a good price, i was thinking that this wouldn't be too bad.

I got an email about my shirt being shipped ten days later and so was like, not bad, even though the site said 7 business days, it was alright.

But the only problem was that the site doesn't say anything about how long shipments made overseas would be. I emailed them more than a month after, then received an email saying 8-12 weeks. Why wasn't this written on the website?

Well, I finally received the shirt on the 30th of Janauary, which was late, and the wrong size too, received a Men's large instead of a ladies large and i'm still waiting for their response on this.

Only if there's a shirt which I really want that has an awesome design on it, will i perhaps buy from them again.