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Madman Entertainment Reviews

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Ordered On: 31/03/2014
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Superman would shop at Madman Entertainment again.
Awesome sale for manga
Was randomly searching around the web and stumbled upon Madman Entertainment having a manga sale. They usually have their items at RRP which is a bit expensive in Australia, considering there are many places online which have reasonable priced manga, at about $9 a book.

Having said that Madman's sale was really good where there were some manga going for $2-$5 each. Now, the manga are a bit older ones, so there weren't any of the newer vols, but I was waiting for a sale to finish off some of my older collections and this definitely helped!

Bought about 20 books, totaling about $70. Delivery wasn't the fastest, but i guess they needed to find and pack the books, and the sale they were having. Total time was about 8 days to have the manga delivered. I guess I wouldn't complain about this though, as the shipping was FREE. You don't even need to go over a certain amount. It's just free. Love that.

The packaging was good for the books. There was no damage on the books what so ever. I would come back here if they had another sale.