Frequently Asked Questions



  • What is eStoreReview?
How often have you found an online store where you would like to make a purchase, but hesitate to continue because you are unsure if they can be trusted? Maybe you have purchased something online, but the shipping took longer than expected to arrive or the quality of product is not as expected. Don't you wish you could find out more about the online store from someone else's shopping experience?

eStoreReview is a website where users can find reviews of online store and share their personal online shopping experience with the community.

  • How do I write a review for an online store?
You can start writing reviews by signing up and then click the Write Review link in the top menu or searching for a store and click on the Review me button.

It's ok if the store does not exist in our database, just enter the name of the online store and website address when performing the review, and we will add it to the database.

  • I can't find the online store I purchased from?

Whilst we do have an extensive list of eStore available, there maybe certain eStores missing. You can help us by adding an eStore by clicking the “Add Store” link in the top menu.

  • How is eStoreReview supported financially?

eStoreReview is supported by two passionate individuals sacrificing their time, effort and salary to support eStoreReview. At the end of 2013, we have started to implement advertisements and affiliate links to help us cover some of the costs involved with maintaining eStoreReview.


  • Why are you providing rewards for people writing reviews?

We believe in karma. By providing something useful to others, something useful should be provided back to you! What comes around goes around.

  • What type of rewards can I choose from?

Initially we are offering a selection of gift cards. Have a look at the rewards page to find out what is currently available.

  • How will I receive my gift card?

Gift cards are sent to you via Australia Post. We will require you to update your address details in your account settings as this is the address we will send the gift cards. 

Note that reward value of $20 or more will be sent via registered mail. Reward value less than $20 will be sent using regular mail.

  • How long will it take to receive my gift card?

We will process and send out gift cards every Saturday. From there it will be up to Australia Post. Generally it shouldn’t take over 2 weeks. If you still have not received your gift card by this time, please contact us and we will follow up on the issue.


  • I submitted a review but I can’t find it on the website?

Every review is manually checked and approved. We do this to ensure that all reviews have followed our Review Guidelines. You should be able to see your review posted within 24-48 hours if there are no issues.

Where required, we may contact you for further information to either clarify or confirm certain details. This may extend the time to post your reviews online by a couple of days.

  • Why do I need to provide Order Id when submitting reviews?

As part of the approval process, we may cross check review's order id with merchant to ensure that the purchase has occurred.

  • How does eStoreReview know if reviews are genuine?

We endeavour to ensure that all reviews honest and genuine by undergoing an extensive review and approval process. In certain cases we will contact the eStore to verify transactions and where required also contact the reviewer to obtain more information.

  • Why my eBay or Amazon review was rejected?

Both eBay and Amazon have their own internal review system which is linked tightly with their purchasing process. As such, reviews on either of these two websites will be omitted.