Reward System

By sharing your online shopping experiences to other members, we believe that you are helping identify trusted online stores, where members can draw on your experience to set an expectation of an eStore.

We understand it can be difficult to find time to write your online shopping experience. As such, we believe that because you have taken the time to share your shopping experience with others, that you should be rewarded for your efforts.

At eStoreReview, we offer members a point based reward system which can be used to redeem rewards. Points are allocated to users when they carry out certain activities at eStoreReview. These points can then be used to exchange for a variety of rewards.

How to Earn Points?

Write Reviews

Points Allocated = 100 points
  1. Members will receive 100 points for each review that is approved.
  2. If a 2nd review is performed for the same store within 30 days and approved, the member will receive 50 points.
  3. Any further reviews that are approved for the same store within 30 days will receive 0 points.
  4. User can receive full points again once 30 days has passed from the last 100 points review that was approved.

First Review for an eStore

Points Allocated = 50 points (Bonus)
  1. Write the first review for an eStore and have the review approved.
  2. If a website has not been reviewed in the last 12 months, this bonus will also be allocated to the user (for approved reviews only).

Recommend a Friend

Points Allocated = 100 points (Bonus)
  1. Member recommends a friend who joins and provides at least 1 review that is approved, both users get the bonus points

Redeem Now!

If your ready to start redeeming rewards, please visit the Redeem page.

Redeem System