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Sweetheart Florist Reviews

195 Oxford St, Bondi Junction, New South Wales, 2022, Australia
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Ordered On: 21/05/2015
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Andy would not shop at Sweetheart Florist again.
A blight on honest businesses
Website malfunction. Delivered 3 hours late when recipient was not on site. The products in NO way resembled the basket of wine (Peter Leahman) and cheese on website. It contained Aldi & Coles products only. Plus contained refrigerated items not illustrated. Pathetic shop worker can't even take a message, rude opinionated, can't listen, shouts over customers. And on my wife's birthday - a smiley face balloon? Plus they overcharged for it - $15 instead of the advertised $5. Clearly they live in la-la land.

Manager/owner called. Told me I should 'my own shopping', and he was 'a florist, not a supermarket'. Also that I could 'f*** off'. Rude and abusive.

No wonder I'm not happy. I should have asked Morticia Addams for a posy. And I may have been allowed in the house last night. Now I sound like a whinger. Man, please do not do your life damage with this bunch of crooks! Will be reversing the charge.