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Discount Vitamin Express Reviews

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Buy your health supplements at a low discount price from discount vitamins express. Save up to 50% discount on your vitamins & minerals supplements.
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Ordered On: 4/03/2012
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KIMMY would shop at Discount Vitamin Express again.
Cheap as chips and quick delivery.
Discount Vitamin Express is one of my favourite online stores. I regularly buy vitamins and organic skincare products from this site. They have a great range, the products are the cheapest I have found anywhere on the internet, and the website is easy to navigate. Best of all, items generally arrive within a day or two! On this occassion I purchased 1kg of Vital Greens, and Melrose Fish Oil + Vitamin D (lemon lime flavour). Another benefit of this online store is with certain items you get free delivery. In the case of this order, I received free delivery due to ordering Vital Greens. Score!