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Weight Watchers Reviews

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Ordered On: 17/11/2012
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e215 would shop at Weight Watchers again.
Weight Watcher - Great site, worth checking out
Weight Watches site is full of information, advice, stories and support.

The Weight Watches online store gives you access to buy all the Weight Watcher products, without going to a local meeeting.

All the food and Weight Watchers program material are available online. So everything you can access at Weight Watcher meetings is now available online.

I buy online regulary at this site. My resent purchase included:

- Weight Watchers Toffee Chocolate Bars- delicious
- Weight Watcher Steam bags - great item, worth trying.
- Weight Watcher Nibbles - Sour Cream are the best favour.

Previously I have also purchased the Weight Watcher cookbooks. I can recommend the following:

- Cook it Quick
- Cook Simple

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