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New South Wales, Australia
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Shoe Box
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Ordered On: 20/04/2015
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terryk would not shop at Shoe Box again.
A long and painful experience
I ordered a Nike Shoe box with white labels in April 2014, when they advertised 21 days for delivery... i had to chase them up in late March to be told 1st of June, chased up mid June, no response, chased up again, got told delivery eta is now 9th of July, nothing arrived surprise surprise...

Multiple messages without response until 27th of July i finally got a note saying it was going to be s hipped. And when i finally receive it almost 100 days later... IT WAS A PLAIN RED BOX! no Nike symbols whatsoever... Apparently they "forgot" to send the stickers... I have been chasing them up ever since, and still no stickers, and i doubt i will ever see them.