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PO Box 2708, Southport, Queensland, Australia
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About Us:
Extrafilm Australia - Your first choice for all your digital printing, Canvas Prints, Posters, Photo Gifting, Photobooks and film printing needs. New iPhone4 Custom Covers, Online printing, share your images, order mugs, Canvas Prints, jigsaws, albums and other products all from the team at extrafilm.
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Ordered On: 23/02/2013
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Mercedita would shop at Extra Film again.
Getting Cheap prices for 35mm colour film printing
This website is ideal for printing 35mm (old school) photographs at $6.95 for a 38 shot roll of film or digital prints for .04 cents each. You can have a variety of items printed such as mugs, tshirts, stickers, etc. All you have to do is sign up in their secure website and place your order. When ready you proceed to the check out and make payment via credit card (mastercard, visa and amex). Upon confirming the order and payment you receive a tax invoice from Extra Film stating your order and tracking number details. Its a great printing company with low cost prices.