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Accent Blinds Reviews

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Accent offer the latest designs in modern affordable Blinds, Awnings, Shutters and Curtains in Sydney and Melbourne. Call 13 19 13 or Get a Quote Online!
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Ordered On: 30/05/2014
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NewPlaceLotsOfBuyin would not shop at Accent Blinds again.
Avoid at all cost, my saga is longer than the Lord of the Rings Triology!!
Part 1

I called them about when they could come to do my blinds, was waiting for a reply but it still hasnt come.
Ive waited now week 4 is coming up, out of the 3 quotes i got this was the cheapest but only by no more than $50 but this is also the longest wait out of the 3!! IS it really that hard to tell me when they can install it?

Part 2
They call my partner to arrange a time and they said they will come out the next day,which i took the day off for. My partner calls them on the day and they said they are not coming, because they didnt get me on the phone!! I did have a missed blocked call with no message on that day. But why does it matter if they got me or not on the phone? My partner already said it was ok. So now we have to wait a few more days for them to come out, its already been over a month, i will update when they do the job

Part 3
So i rang to arrange a time and it was getting late on the time of there arrival i rang them to find out what was going on. They called the fitter who rang me and said they cant come because by the time they finish there current job they would be over after 6pm so they cant drill SO in other words this is the 2nd time they cant come

Part 4
Ok organise a week later, which i now rang again because it was getting late. They said they could not do a morning time, Im unclear why So i rang at 4pm and the lady goes "they come between 1-5pm" and i said can you GUARANTEE that why still will be coming, she said "YES" She spoke like i was bothering her So after 5pm i rang and guess what time they came over, 7.30pm!! There is drilling by the way so my neighbours did complain, but i dont understand why the 2nd time they said they couldnt get out after 6pm, and now they come out 7.30pm!! Makes no sense at all I rang them to complain and ask for a discount, i rang 3 times, answered twice and they said they will email there managers,NOTHING!! Its been 3 weeks now and nothing!!

IF this TRUE story doesnt turn you off ACCENT BLINDS, nothing will!!

It only took roughly 2 months for them to do there jobs