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1 out of 1 review would shop here again
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Discover vibrators, male sex toys, sexy lingerie and adult gifts from Lovehoney.com. Free shipping on everything and award-winning customer service.
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Ordered On: 2/05/2015
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ceeleaves would shop at Love Honey again.
Amazing, easy, discreet!
I bought a toy from Love Honey for my boyfriend's birthday... we love playing with new things!

I didn't pay very much (under $70) so I thought it might be a bit cheap looking, more of a novelty than a functional item we would repeatedly use.

But it arrived looking really fabulous! It was stylish and not at all cheap and tacky. We still use it every now and then and I think it will be useable for at least a year or two to come!

I have repeatedly found love honey to be awesome. Their range is great, and unlike other stores, their more reasonably priced items are not cheap and nasty!!

Also: they come in a discreet box and your account is debited under a discreet name too. Love Honey: the whole package!