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Natural Health Organics Reviews

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Natural organic skincare and nutrition from Natural health organics
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Ordered On: 27/06/2012
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BeeJayKayEl would shop at Natural Health Organics again.
Tissue Salts - Hard To Get!
I searched everwhere in the local healthfood stores for Tissue Salts to help relieve my son's teething pains, with no luck. Natural Health Organics not only had a pretty good range available on their website, they also offered a great price.

The order was received quickly, as this company uses Fastway Couriers (not Australia Post). Shipping was a great price too! Around $6 from memory, which is a lot less than standard post would usually cost.

I have no complaints about this purchase. The Tissue Salts helped keep the edge off my son's pain, and the service I received from the company was without fault!