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Ordered On: 23/12/2014
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Henza7 would not shop at PCDIY again.
Dodgy. Don't trust these crooks
Don't trust or buy from these dodgy crooks. They will not replace faulty products within warranty periods as the warranty promises. I bought a Tvpad 3 two weeks ago from the Box Hill store as a Christmas gift for my parents. The problem was that it was faulty after only a few days use. It just froze and would not respond at all to the remote. It had a one year warranty. Had to take it to them twice and finally they said they would take a look at it. They then told my dad on the phone that they would give us a new one. What they did instead was give us an old, used one in exchange for the faulty one they sold me.

After telling my dad on the phone that they would give us a new one, he went in store to pick it up. They told him in person at the store that it was in fact a new one. That was an absolute blatant lie. My dad is old and a trusting person who is not tech savvy so they thought they could con him. When my dad brought the box home, I could see the plastic seals at the bottom were actually broken and when I plugged it the Tvpad, it already had many apps installed. The remote control already had old batteries that someone else had put in there. We called them up and they lied, saying that it was in fact a new one but they had to install the apps to test it and see if it was actually working. Why would they have downloaded so many apps when all they needed was one to test it and why even the Disney channel that someone would have downloaded for their kids? The fact is that they were dodgy and had given us an old one which they tried to pass it off as brand new. The Tvpad itself had black smudges on the bottom and it was an older model with grey foam triangles on the bottom corners, whereas our one we bought didn't have the older model's grey triangles.

They lied to our faces and wouldn't think twice about being so dishonest so please don't trust these dodgy crooks with your hard earned money. Not only did they promise us a brand new one and say to us twice that it was brand new, they also continued lying in order to cover their own blatant lies. I called them up again, pointing out these holes in their argument and suddenly they changed their story, saying that they did not know if in fact they installed the apps or not but that they were not wrong to give us an old used one. I pointed out to them that a warranty means if it is faulty we can ask for an exchange for a new unused product and they said that even if they gave us an old one it was still working within the one year period that covers their duty to their warranty. Ask yourselves this: Would you want to be given an old and used product or computer part when they promised you a new one and lied about it to your face? That is just unacceptable and completely lacking of any integrity.

Please think twice before trusting or even buying anything from these dishonest and dodgy pricks. You cannot trust them to even do something as simple as honour their warranty or even tell you the truth to your face. They may as well have used my warranty as toilet paper, as they totally disregarded it. When I called once more, their tone changed and they said: "Didn't I tell you already, we aren't giving you a new one". When I asked for a refund, as I didn't want an already used product in exchange for the faulty new one, they said I couldn't get a full refund as I didn't take it back within 7 days and would only offer a 85% refund. The fact is that we brought it to them on the 2/1 and they were closed for holidays on the 25/12, 26/12 and 1/1 so that is exactly within 7 working business days that they were open. All they did in the end, after so much trouble to us was say they would take my number and call me back when they talk to their manager. They still have not called. They have no honour or integrity. Please don't throw your money away in trusting these criminals. They are nothing but shameless liars and have turned what was supposed to be a great gift for my parents, shared with my family, into a big problem and a $289 hole in my wallet. Would you want to use something that somebody had already used before in your PC and believe PCDIY when they try to pass it off as completely new?

To be honest, I really don't feel comfortable using an older model that someone else already gave back to them. Why else would they have old used models sitting around their store? Because it was faulty or had problems and someone has already given it back to them. How could they try to con my innocent parents into thinking it was new? PCDIY may even have gotten away with it if I wasn't here to look out for my parents. These dodgy bastards probably do this all the time, as they didn't think twice about lying and changing their story so many times. They were very convincing and slick in their lies to cover themselves. I am very disappointed and upset and hope you all please stay away from these con artists. Be warned, you can't even get products within their warranty period exchanged for a new working one. Don't throw your money away to these criminals.

Quick Update. I just went into their store again, as they failed to call me back and the owner still stubbornly and rudely insisted that the old exchange Tvpad they gave us was definitely a new one. He said there were no old ones in their store and all their stock were new ones. If that is true, then they should explain the opened package, installed apps and black smudges on the bottom of an OLDER model. After all their pathetic lies, this was a final insult and just too much. Don't let these con artists steal your hard earned money. They deserve to be held accountable for their lack of integrity and absence of basic human decency. There are many other computer stores where you can buy from, just go anywhere other than these as$@#$%s who don't even honour their own warranty.