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Ordered On: 6/04/2012
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mehall would shop at Tigerz 11 again.
Tigerz11 Awning
This online store was accepting pre-orders for 4WD accessories. I got on and purchased an awning. The website was easy to use and i was easily able to place the order on my iphone. The company had specified that it would be 6 weeks until the order shipped which was accurate. When the goods did arrive I carried out a quick visual inspection and was satisfied. when i installed the awning and rolled out the fabric I found a hole. I contacted Tigerz11 who, after providing a photo of the defect, immediately agreed to replace the item. I was satisfied with that. However, one thing i had discovered was that if the item had been damaged in transit (as opposed to a manufacturing defect) and it is not reported within 48 hours, it would not be covered. So be careful to check carefully as soon as your item arrives.