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Salt Rooms Australia Reviews

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Ordered On: 6/08/2014
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delusion would shop at Salt Rooms Australia again.
Dead Sea En Gedi Minerals
I stumbled across the name Salt Rooms through groupon, I read about the company through one of the deals at the time however missed the deal offer.

I google searched for Salt Rooms Sydney and the website came about. I browsed the site to see what products and services are available.

I was most interested in the hand cream and sea salt bath item.

I placed an order for the following:

x1 Dead sea Ein Gedi Mineral hand and nail cream 100ml $14.95 AUD

X1 Dead sea Ein Gedi Bath Salt Relaxing 455gr $24.95 AUD

Postage in Australia $8.00 AUD

Total $47.90 AUD.

I thought this was pretty reasonable.

I received the product the following day with a free Dead Sea soap.

I tried the hand cream and it was extremely smooth, the texture and smell was soft, I did not have any reactions to it.

I also tried the sea salt bath - it was indeed relaxing.

I wanted to purchase more hand cream, so I returned to the website, however most products are sold out or unavailable.

I hope that the company will restock on these products. I recommended them to my friends who also has ecezma she likes it also.