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Plush n Stuff Reviews

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Ordered On: 24/04/2015
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marlie29 would shop at Plush n Stuff again.
Excellent customer service
They have huge range of plush here, I even found some weird animal plush that you can't find anywhere else.

As my friend is leaving Australia few weeks ago, we struggled to find an ideal present for her. After looking at their website for a while and decided on which plush to buy, we decided to purchase plush of our choice.

However, after some time we found out that we had a bit of problem.

So I rang them for few times, but did not get through. I was scared back then as I called for 4-5x.

Then, i decided to send an email to them, and in less than 2 hours I got a response telling me it has been fixed :)

I'd like to recommend anyone to buy plush toys here, as they have excellent range of plush toys as well as amazing customer service.