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Ordered On: 25/12/2015
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BrookeB would shop at Cat Haven again.
Very Happy
I purchased a SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder from the Cat Haven after seeing them online and realising it was well and truly time for one of our cats to go on a diet.

The Feeders are not cheap, but looking around there seemed to be little variation in the cost of them, regardless of where you purchased them from and the Cat Haven did not charge shipping for this item.

The first business day after I placed my order, I received an e-mail to say they were out of stock of the feeder and were waiting for some to come in and they would send it out once they arrived. About a week later I received an e-mail update to say my order was on its way. This delay was not a concern to me.

The feeder was very well packaged for shipping and it arrived to a WA address in good time once posted. We chose to use the feeder to feed our non-dieting cat so that she can continue to eat as she pleases. It works exactly as it says on the box and our other cat's diet (much to his disgust) is going well.