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Costume Direct Reviews

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About Us:
Costume Direct stocks a large range of costumes for any Occasion. Speedy Delivery, Australia wide!
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Ordered On: 9/08/2012
Overall Rating
e215 would shop at Costume Direct again.
Great Selection of Kids Dress Up Costumes
Purchased a Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtle costume for my 5 year old son and a fairy dress for my daughter.

Great price and quality was better than those from the "Variety stores".

The range is huge, although I was looking for kids, I did have a browse of the adults and the range is extensive.

The email customer service was great, they answered my questions on sizes quickly to allow me to make my purchase.

After order the costumes, I received them 3 days after placing my order. Prompt delivery.

Would shop at this site again for the next dress up occasion where a costume is required.