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Desa Handbags and Luggage Reviews

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About Us:
Designer Handbags & Luggage by Desa Bags. Discount luggage with a 10% price beat guarantee! Order online for flat rate shipping or visit our Sydney stores.
Date Posted:
Ordered On: 26/10/2014
Overall Rating
andyholloway would not shop at Desa Handbags and Luggage again.
Is this a real business or a scam?
What a horrible business!!! I would say terrible customer service, but it is simply non-existent so I can't even say it was terrible!
Out of stock of items I bought.
I am now 4 weeks from order date and I have been calling them every second day. They are rude to me, blame other staff or me and try to 'do me a favour' by offering me other smaller suitcases for the same price.
Just one of the many calls I have made "Oh, I don't have time for this, someone is going to have to call you back". No call back, and I call again 2 days later...
Going to try for a chargeback from the bank next. Hopefully I will eventually get my money back so I can buy some suitcases for a genuine business!