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Ordered On: 27/12/2012
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marysaid would shop at Threadbare again.
Highly Recommended
I had an absolutely excellent experience with Threadbare, which stocks a great range of Australian and international designers (with a very good sale section full of well-priced and discounted goods too).

I purchased an Ellery skirt from Threadbare, which offers free shipping and express postage -- always a good thing in my books! The transaction itself was hassle free, but what made shopping with Threadbare a lovely experience was the packaging. Pure luxury.

My skirt arrived in a box (which came with a dustbag) and the invoices were in envelopes... it was just great. It was the whole boutique experience, and all from an online store. The packaging alone made me want to purchase from Threadbare again asap, and I definitely will do so in the future. Great brands, good prices, free shipping, express postage and great packaging - what more could anyone want?