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Maco Technology Reviews

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4.8 from 1 review
1 out of 1 review would shop here again
About Us:
Our online store locate in Sydney Australia. We provides desktop systems, hardware, software, peripheral, on-site services, Installation, networking, web design, development. Best price! Deliver the finest quality to your door steps. Our Online Store provides the most up-to-date technologies with a diverse product range and the finest quality for your personal computer or for your corporate server. We always give you the best choice and price. We provide a wide variety of parts to choose from, and pre-assemble different level systems for you to choose or try out our computer system builder for your ideal system. All our computers are assemble and tested before it has been send out. We offer different on-site services with affordable price. From a simple installation to a more significant configuration, which are always available for you.
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Ordered On: 16/12/2014
Overall Rating
njwes would shop at Maco Technology again.
Excellent communication
This is my second computer purchased from Maco. I am extremely happy with their communication. They were very prompt to reply to my emails with queries about their products and the delivery timeframe. They have a very quick service to build a custom computer from your specified parts. Delivery is very quick and free on a computer system.

The computer is working well.