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1 out of 1 review would shop here again
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Ozzy Tyres: Buy Custom Wheel & Tyres, Rims & mag wheels packages. Leaders in Wheel Tyre Trends providing the best wheels & performance rims .
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Ordered On: 24/10/2014
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elik would shop at Ozzy Tyres again.
Worst Customer Experience Ever
I recently made a purchase on Ozzy Tyres about 3 weeks. I bought 4 tyres and had them shipped to one of their affiliated fitters in Box Hill, Vic. After a couple days the tyres were shipped and I received a consignment number. I checked the consignment number only to see that the tyres were rejected by the Box Hill fitters. When I called the fitters they said that they refuse to deal with Ozzy Tyres as they are dishonest and their products are poor quality.

I then called Ozzy Tyres to see what the heck was happening; they explained that they were having 'an issue' with these fitters and told me to choose another fitter. I asked for the one in Ferntree Gully - John told me that they are also having 'an issue' with this one. The only one left was Dandenong, kilometers away, so I reluctantly chose them. Days past - and I was calling the new fitters trying to work out when I could get my tyres fitted, but they said they hadn't received the tyres. I called Ozzy Tyres - they said they had been delivered. This went on for almost a week. By the end of the week I asked for a refund as no one could tell me where the tyres were. John from Ozzy told me that according to them they had fulfilled their obligation. I couldn't believe it! I had paid money for a product with their company which they had not delivered to me and yet according to them their obligation to me had ceased! After jumping up & down he assured me the tyres would be at the fitter within 48hrs - he said he promised, without a doubt! 48 hrs later still no tyres!

They finally agreed to issue me with a refund - but 1 week later I have received nothing! No tyres, no refund - just excuses! The promised refund was supposed to be issued within 3 days, according to John; a week later still not here. John now claims the manager is away on holiday and therefore they can't issue the refund. More lies!

My suggestion would be avoid this company like the plague! Pay the little bit extra at your local tyre centre! Avoid the disappointing, deceitful experience!