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Specialised Performance Garage Reviews

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1.2 from 1 review
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Ordered On: 22/01/2013
Overall Rating
ShawnG would not shop at Specialised Performance Garage again.
Worst online shopping experience of my life.
I was looking to buy a aftermarket dump pipe for my vehicle and heard GKTech products were well-priced and of a good standard. However, GKTech (based in Melbourne) themselves were sold out and advised me that they had many resellers all over Australia and chances are that one might still have some stock.

Doing a google search of the term (S15 dump pipe) revealed to me that Specialise Performance Garage (based in Hobart) seemed to be carrying stock of this product. I quickly made the purchase and patiently awaited the delivery of my new dump pipe.

This transaction was close to the Australia Day Holiday period, but the delivery time was abysmal. A phone call to the retailer on the 28/01/2013 revealed that he was trying to "source" the product for me. That was a bit of an eyebrow raiser but I did not complain.

The product finally arrived on 01/02/2013. Tore open the Express Post Packaging to reveal a Dump Pipe, however it was not the one I ordered (was of horrific quality and if I could add pictures here, I sure would !)

I contacted the seller the following business day and asked for my money back as the Dump Pipe they sent me did not come with Bolts and washers (as the GKTech one would) and was of horrible built quality (imperfect welding, etc)

After a week or so of hassling the seller, he finally processed my refund and the amount was credited back to my Paypal account on 13/02/2013.

They always say that a bad impression is etched onto you forever, and that is indeed the case with Specialised Performance Garage.