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Pets Unleashed Reviews

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About Us:
Your local online pet shops & retail pet store based in Brisbane. Our pet shop supplies dog food containers, cat food, pet toy, fish, aquariums and more including great brands like Eukanuba, Hills Science, Raw Dog Food, Fluval Edge, Fluval Chi, Nutro Natural Choice, Holistic, Advance and more. We have great prices on all our products.
Date Posted:
Ordered On: 31/05/2014
Overall Rating
BrookeB would shop at Pets Unleashed again.
Easy Purchase
I ordered 6 boxes of litter tray liners from Pets Unleashed as they had the best price I could find with a reasonable amount of googling (once I had factored shipping into the cost).

The cost of shipping was delightfully low, with my order only costing $1.00 to ship as it was over $25 and under 3kg in weight.

The order process and payment was simple and the website was easy to use.

The order was shipped on the first business day after it was placed and they had clearly taken some time packing is safely, as they had modified a box to fix the 6 boxes of liners perfectly. The larger box was then wrapped in sturdy plastic. The parcel arrived in good time to its destination at a WA address.

I was really happy with my shopping experience with Pets Unleashed and would happily buy from them again.