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Printer Supermarket Reviews

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1.5 from 1 review
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About Us:
Printer and Toner supplier. Colour Laser, Mono Laser, Multifunction Laser, Dot Matrix Printers Australia Wide
Date Posted:
Ordered On: 1/10/2013
Overall Rating
northwest would not shop at Printer Supermarket again.
Rip off and BAD SERVICE
KEEP AWAY dont be sucked in by a lure of lower prices - any problems with your toner delivery and you will be slugged for re-stocking fees and you will forfeit any other fees along the way even if you dont believe you made any error and after you wait ages for them to deliver it in the first place.

Nothing is their problem. Even more confusing as regards their attitude, we had just bought the printer from them which would therefore need supplies for life, so we are clearly a ripe and ready new customer - this concept seems alien to Printer Supermarket.

Reading around other forums, it looks like we are not alone in having problems with Printer Supermarket. Apart from the poor service and communication problems, being expected to pay 20%"re-stocking fee" on unopened and expensive items which were returned immediately after delivery, for exchange with the correct items( not just for refund) is pretty sad these days.