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Streamaster Australia Reviews

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Ordered On: 19/01/2015
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michaeljohnson would not shop at Streamaster Australia again.
Very disappointed so far!
I ordered this product through Streamaster because I like to support small businesses and not go through the usual Harvey Norman, Good Guys or Appliances online.

As an online retailer myself, I understand the work that goes into ensuring that your website reflects accurate stock levels and in this case, Craig (the owner I'm guessing) thought they had one unit in stock of this item.

I run a client facing business and my coffee machine completely broke down so I figured (and they do promise) that when I pay $15 delivery charges to deliver the item 40 minutes from their store in Brookvale, that it wouldn't take more then two days to get it to me. I know myself that Fastway Couriers standard delivery is same day within the Sydney metro area. So when they told me on Monday that the my order was going to be delayed 'one day' because Breville had to deliver stock to them, I was okay with it.

Fast forward multiple phone calls and today Craig tells me that the order won't be delivered until Tuesday!! He says to me "i'd even go and buy one retail and get it out to you today if I could but no one has them in stock". I then ring David Jones in Chatswood myself, arrange with a staff member there to hold one for Craig to pick up and all he needed to do to rectify the situation is drive 20 minutes to Chatswood and then 20 further minutes to my house.

That is the kind of service I offer my customers, because I understand that I am competing with the big guys, so SERVICE is everything for smaller online retailers. When I told Craig this he laughed and said "Well I'm going to Chatswood for you but you're miles away and I'm not going there today. I'll get a courier on to it tomorrow." He then informs me that he's finishing work at 4:30pm! David Jones is open until 7pm and I am happy to receive the machine whenever he likes tonight - I'll even throw in a glass of wine for the trouble!

Yes it is only one day, but you'd think after I've waited and been told numerous stories, plus done the leg work and arranged the whole thing for him that he'd go out on a limb to give me an amazing customer service experience, that no doubt would be something I'd share with as many people as I spoke to about the Coffee Machine (which at $1400 bucks and the size is going to be a talking point with my 100 or so mainly North Sydney clients). Well I don't know if Craig will be delivering today but I hope that he does because I don't want to just shop with the major retailers next time because of this experience.