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Rays Outdoors Reviews

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About Us:
Ray's Outdoors has a number of camping product ranges such as Wild Country, Outdoor Expedition and Classic Outdoor, specifically designed for Australian conditions. We also stock a large variety of Camping, Apparel, Fishing, BBQs and Outdoor furniture.
Date Posted:
Ordered On: 11/12/2012
Overall Rating
juniperberry would shop at Rays Outdoors again.
Very convenient and easy
We visited Ray's Outdoors and bought a kite that had been on special in-store and when we got home decided we wanted to buy a few more. We hopped online and ordered straight away since we didn't want to miss the special.
Turns out that they were even cheaper online so we bought a dozen, ticked the pick up in store option. I received a text message the next morning to say they were ready to be picked up. Very quick and convenient.

When I got to the store I had forgotten to take the confirmation email but they were very helpful anyway and got it sorted for me.