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ModelCo Reviews

5 Harcourt Business Park, 809-821 Botany Rd, Rosebery, New South Wales, 2018, Australia
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About Us:
ModelCo is a globally recognised brand of cosmetics & beauty products. Check out our latest range of products and current special offers!
Date Posted:
Ordered On: 10/04/2012
Overall Rating
jogol would shop at ModelCo again.
Great Products, Great Service
I was seeking one of Model Co's Kohl eyeliner pencils that was not available in DJ's but only online. Since the pencil is not that expensive and since delivery is, on enquiry directly to them they agreed to dispense with the delivery charge and deliver me the pencil with free delivery. Could not ask for more than that. This and their other products I have found to have been unique and excellent quality. I use their fake tan and have done so for years as well as their clear lip gloss and of course this pencil. Excellent products. Excellent service. Priced well.