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Candy Stripe Cloud Reviews

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Ordered On: 29/10/2012
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orangemm would shop at Candy Stripe Cloud again.
Kewpies and more
This site is great. My friend collects Kewpie Dolls and they have the best collection in Australia of the Kewpie Blind Boxes. Lots of other cute Blind Boxes, direct from Japan and other cute accessories and gift ideas. I ordered a Kewpie Doll blind box and a Candy shop blind box. The ordering process was simple and the shipping cost me $7, which I thought was fairly reasonable. The order shipped to me within two days and was exactly what I was after. The pricing of the products is reasonable, it's cheaper if you buy it in Japan direct or from other overseas retailers, but not much more and the fast simply by buying it locally from this site was much more preferable for me. I would shop here again.