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4.3 from 1 review
1 out of 1 review would shop here again
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Ordered On: 6/08/2012
Overall Rating
e215 would shop at Herringbone again.
Great Place to shop for Ties and shirts
This is another store when the physical shop isn't always that easy to get into. Online store means you get access to the Herringbone products you know and love.

The two key items that spring to mind with Herringbone are their shirts and ties.

My purchase as a tie. I was looking for a relatively plain navy silk tie for my husband. Having looked online at other stores, I ended up back at the Herringbone site. I was 100% happy with my purchase and the quality of the tie was good. At the time of my purchase shipping was free. Item arrived 4 days of placing my order.

Herringbone do have good sales during the year, where you can save % off the RRP. If you are interested in their products, best to keep up to date on their sales and promotions.

I would shop again at this site, next sale/ promotion they have I plan to l purchase more ties and shirts.