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1 out of 1 review would shop here again
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Ordered On: 17/11/2011
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GlynG would shop at PedalPower+ again.
Good supplier of kit to charge mobile phone by bicycle
PedalPower+ is a webstore selling a small product range they have designed including a bicycle dynamo and intermediary battery packs that connect the power of pedalling with a dynamo to charge small electronic devices, such as a GPS or mobile phone.

I already had a Shimano hub dynamo that powered the lights on my bicycle but for my bicycle tour I wanted to be able to charge my mobile phone through my pedalling too and this required the use of an intermediary battery pack system. These products are relatively new and PedalPower+ are one of a few companies that have developed and sell such systems. I did a lot of reading around and looking at reviews and chose the PedalPower system because it seemed well regarded and suitable for what I wanted.

I ordered:
1 x v4i Set of battery pack and adaptors
1 x Piggyback dynamo connector set
1 x Super-i-Cable

The system arrived in around a fortnight (to my UK address, where I was at the time) and I was very happy with the order and the product.

I have left NA for the warranty as after having a look over the website I can't find anything specifying a warranty. I never thought to ask, but it'd probably be worth emailing and asking what warranty period they have, if that's important to you.