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Ordered On: 3/10/2012
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hotchocolate would shop at N101 again.
Mostly satisfied (:
N101 stocks natural health and beauty products from all over the world for lower than the RRP, and they are one of the few places where I can find products from some of my favorite American brands. $13.05 as a flat rate isn't much to pay for international shipping when you consider that this might be the only one or one of two places where you can find your beloved products that you've searced all over the internet for. I was more than happy to pay it if it meant I didn't have to fly to the US or use one of those expensive, suspicious-looking parcel forwarding services. The product I purchased from skincare was exactly the way the website described it, and the product price was AMAZING for the length of time it lasted, and the quality of the product itself. Shipping did take a little long. I received my product within two weeks, but I suppose that was okay by me when I considered that one of the local stores that have finally started stocking this brand raise their prices through the roof to the point where the prices of the product itself, excluding shipping, is almost twice what I would pay here at N101, INCLUDING shipping. Apart from a bit of a wait, I have no real complaints and will continue to shop here because of their wide range :)