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Ordered On: 14/11/2011
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GlynG would shop at Velo Orange again.
Good order for bicycle parts
I placed an order with Velo Orange as part of buying up gear for my bicycle tour. I specifically wanted the Velo Orange bottle holder clamps to hold a pair of bottle cages in place on my bicycle. My bike is recycled from a good steel frame from the 80s that was sandblasted and put together again with a mix of new and old parts by a friend who builds bikes. Modern bikes come with mounting bits to attach bottle cages, but my old one didn't and after doing a lot of reading around I settled on the Velo Orange clamps to hold the bottle cages in place, as they were regarded as sturdy and were also retro styled like the bike. I couldn't find them anywhere in the country unfortunately though, so had to order them internationally from the manufacturer.

I ordered 2 x VO Bottle Cage Clamp plus 2 x Kleen Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle with sport top.

They sent the order a couple of days later and though it took just over a week to arrive, that seemed reasonable for an international order and I was pleased with the products and order.