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Trail Designs Reviews

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Ordered On: 17/11/2011
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GlynG would shop at Trail Designs again.
Excellent custom-fitted cooker that fits inside pan
Trail Designs are the American store and manufacturer of a range of standard and customised lightweight gear for hiking, backpacking, cycle touring, ect.

I ordered a Sidewinder Ti-Tri plus an Inferno Add-on and I had them custom make it to fit a 1600ml stainless steel Alpine StowAway Pot. It's a lightweight titanium cooker, that can burn 3 different sorts of fuel (denatured alcohol/meths, wood or esbit fire burners) and the titanium of the cooker unclipes and rolls back up each time, with the cooker entirely fitting inside the cooking pan when not in use. I have probably cooked on it fifty times or more using alcohol and I like the fact I can burn wood in it as a back-up (and it's design is meant to burn wood for heat extremely efficiently), I just haven't yet as I'm cautious about sparks from burning wood having a chance to cause a fire during the dry weather here.

I wanted to go for a large steel cooking pot, rather than the small titanium ones they normally sell them with, as weight isn't quite as much of an issue on a cycle tour as when hiking and I wanted something sturdy and long-lasting. It was great that they custom made one of their cookers to fit a pan I picked out. It was somewhat expensive, but well worth it in my opinion. They took a week to buy in the pan I wanted from Amazon in the US and make the cooker up to fit it. It then took a little over a week to arrive, pretty usual for shipping across for the USA. Overall I was very happy with the company's product, communication and service and I would recommend them.