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Quattro Formaggie Deli Reviews

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Ordered On: 15/01/2013
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buzztell would shop at Quattro Formaggie Deli again.
New store, great range, good prices.
I shop at a Deli near my area for some interesting and unique gourmet products. The Deli is Quattro Formaggi. I recently found out that they have just created an online store where you can buy from a range of products including produce like cheese AND sliced meats!!! I've never seen an online deli that sells sliced meats.

So to test it out I purchased cheese, Jamie Oliver hot salsa and a some Maggie Beer paste.

Everything arrived really quickly (3 days), well packaged and in great condition. Delivery is free over $50 (if not i think it's $9.95).

Their range is huge. They have hundreds of gourmet and unique items. Could easily spend a lot of money on deli goods!!!

Really happy with their online store. THANKS!