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Ugg Australian Made Reviews

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Ordered On: 10/06/2012
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rosesandkittens would not shop at Ugg Australian Made again.
Great Homegrown Ugg Boots
These shoes are constructed very carefully (so the website says), and are made in Australia as opposed to the popular Deckers' UGG shoes. I ordered the "Classic Mid" in black, which was $139. Shipping was pricey at $25. They sent me two friendly emails, one for confirmation and one confirming shipment.

The shoes came in around five business days to my delight! They are great quality and look very similar to the Deckers' shoes. Stitching was as I wanted and they didn't look cheap. However, the material isn't quite as flexible or soft as the Deckers' Uggs, which was a disappointment. Their sizing is a bit weird as well, as my usual 6 was way too tight. They claim their shoes fit true to size, but the size chart is a little complex. They don't pay for shipping exchanges, so I just dealt with it. I was not willing to pay fifty dollars for shipping.

I looked around after and noticed that the Decker's UGG brand shoes in the similar model was only thirty dollars more expensive...So, I wouldn't recommend this place unless you're certain of sizing and are particularly fond of Australian products.