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Ordered On: 19/05/2015
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Emma_Black would shop at Culture Kings again.
Culture Kings
I ordered a pair of Vans for my brother's birthday coming up. They were on sale for $20 which is really cheap for Vans as they are normally $90+. I did have to pay $10 postage, I ordered them on the 19/5 and they arrived on the 29/5 so a 10 day turnaround.

However a day or so after placing the order I received a phone call from someone in their office. She told me that they had oversold the shoes in that size. So they were replaced with a 7.5 which wasn't that big of a deal but I was disappointed they had allowed this to happen.

Lastly the actual shoe box was quite damaged and ripped which I am not impressed with as they are a present and it was inside a larger postal box. Therefore indicating that their stock is not really looked after.