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1 out of 1 review would shop here again
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Ordered On: 23/11/2015
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Natalie would shop at Pink Lily again.
Innovative organisational products
Pinklily is an innovative company specialising in organisational solutions for the home. I prefer to buy Pinklily products from TVSN (the home shopping network) because you can pick up some great deals there, but TVSN doesn't always have the full range of Pinklily products. For this reason, I bought some products from the Pinklily online store. I bought over the door hooks, LED wardrobe lights, mouse mats, tote bags, a makeup caddy and some hanging shower organisers.

I placed my order on 23 November 2015 and it arrived on 26 November in a big box. All items were enclosed in plastic and/or cardboard boxes. This delivery time is very fast considering that I live in a regional area.

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