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4.7 from 1 review
1 out of 1 review would shop here again
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Ordered On: 26/03/2013
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piggy would shop at Best Nappies again.
Nappies deliver to your door.
As my little bub keeping me very busy everyday, I tend to do more and more shopping online, even his nappies. Best Nappies is the only site that I can purchase Japanese nappies (so far anyway). Price... err, ok, Japanese nappies are slightly more expensive than others, so not significant price advantage here. Free shipping to Mel when you purchase $149 or more. It would be better if the free shipping kicks in for less amount spent. I ended up buying 6 packs of nappies to get the free shipping. But nappies got to dispatched on the same day and I received them the next day. Overall happy experience, well, at least I dont need to carry the bulky nappy pack in the local super market.