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CheapDELIGHTS Reviews

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Ordered On: 6/02/2013
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reptile would shop at CheapDELIGHTS again.
cheap and cheerful
ordered an iphone 4 carbon skin just to add some protection and grip for an iphone

this seems to be a new store/website, and they state that they are a melbourne based company.
good to support local businesses.

very reasonable and good prices with shipping included as part of the price. not a huge range of stock at the moment, but they are new

as a local business, stock seems to be local, so you shouldnt have to wait long for your item to arrive, as opposed to buying from other online vendors which ship from overseas my item arrived within 5 business days, so definitely happy with that

they accept paypal, but unfortunately do not send out "your item has been posted" emails.
maybe it will come in time

but for a first purchase from a new store, can say that im happy, with a good price and good shipping time. now just to wait and for a larger range of stock!