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Cambridge Satchel Company Reviews

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4.5 from 1 review
1 out of 1 review would shop here again
Date Posted:
Ordered On: 23/09/2012
Overall Rating
Jessi would shop at Cambridge Satchel Company again.
Great Service and product!
Have been wanting this satchel bag for quite a while. Other stores in Australia also resell and distribute these bags, but only the original Cambridge Satchel Company store offers personal embossing in every bag.

I ordered the 13" green satchel!
The website says that each bags are individually hand-made, therefore it's expected that the item will be ready in around a months time. I also did not expect much, especially since their store was in the UK, so I knew that the delivery time would take a while. However, Cambridge Satchel blew me away when I received a confirmation saying that the bag was ready to ship in just 3 days after the order! Maybe they had extra stocks or something, but that was such a great news to hear.

They sent me the tracking number, and I was so excited to be able to know where the bags are, or in which country they were in transit.

I received my bag in less than a week after the bag was shipped. The bag was packed nicely, and they even included a bag to cover my new satchel!
The quality is awesome, i could smell the genuine leather! very distinct!

Service, product and shipping was great! Only wished the price was lower :)