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The Fashion Bunker Reviews

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4.8 from 1 review
1 out of 1 review would shop here again
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Ordered On: 3/05/2015
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ceeleaves would shop at The Fashion Bunker again.
Dream Dress!
I wanted this dress, the Keepsake floral gone girl dress, as soon as I saw it.

It was far more expensive than my usual snap purchases, but I know that it is going to be one of those buys I won't regret.

The dress fits perfectly and I can dress it up for a date night, or dress it down for something like a family birthday dinner.

Fashion Bunker (BNKR) has an amazingly diverse array of labels and they have free express shipping on decent orders. They also offer a refund if you want to return your item (because credit notes are such a waste!!).

I love BNKR and I will shop with them again soon. This experience has taught me that paying a little extra can net you a lot of extra quality and style.