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The Great Gift Company Reviews

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4.2 from 1 review
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Ordered On: 22/11/2012
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Silverpeony would shop at The Great Gift Company again.
Father-in-law present
I was searching for a quality Christmas gift for my father-in-law and I found this website - The Great Gift Company. Its based in the UK.

I purchased an Italian leather wash (toiletry) bag and with a pair of sparring hares (rabbits) embossed on the front. It looked luxurious with a hint of the unusual. It also comes with deer locking antlers embossed on the front as an alternative.

The item was quality as described and shipped in time for Christmas. The website was easy to use and included quality photographs of item.

The price was a little expensive, especially when I had to convert the price from pounds into Australian dollars but the item was of a high standard, and I couldn't find anything like it locally. They also had a 14 day return policy which was good although I didn't need to use it.