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A little Bit of Cheek Reviews

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About Us:
Australian online kids store A Little Bit of Cheek is the place to shop for kids that ROCK! We stock rock kids clothing, unique gifts and accessories for babies through to teens. With designer brands for little rockers including Metallic Cowboy, Micro Me, Chaser Kids, Serial Rocker, Princesse Rock n roll, Love Police, Rock Star Baby, Sourpuss, Tommy Rocket, Two Belles, Oh Baby London, Amplified Kids, Pork Chop Kids, Hopscotch Kids, JettRoc, Frankie Ray, Monster Baby, Elodie Details, Rockabye Baby, Oscar Blue, The Grateful Thread, Little Billies, Amy Michelle, Pop & Lolli and JellyCats. You will find a huge range of hair accessories, girls tights, thigh high socks, Jewellery, hats, band t-shirts, reward charts, dummy clips, dummies, eco-friendly nail polish, kids clothing, sunglasses, baby bags, wall decals, lullaby cds, and soft toys from around the globe which we deliver worldwide.
Date Posted:
Ordered On: 22/11/2012
Overall Rating
e215 would shop at A little Bit of Cheek again.
A great kids clothing and accessories website : Worth checking out.
A great Australian based site for kids clothing and accessories. Good site to check out of you are looking for clothing or accessories that are a bit different to what you get at your major kid retailers.

I purchased the following Hopscotch products:

Red Rover, Red Rover nail polish
Polish Remover by Hopscotch Kids
Ice Cream, Soda Pop nail polish

Shipping was only $6.50, and products arrived in 2 business day to Sydney based address.

This site stocked the products that I was after, and was also the cheapest I could find.