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Australian Sun Luxuries Reviews

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About Us:
Australian Sun Luxuries is a luxurious beanbag company, which offers durable, yet stylish indoor and outdoor furniture at an affordable price.

We are an Internet based retail company, which allows us to keep costs at a minimum for top quality sophisticated decor.

Bean Bags as we know it have been around for years, however we now have a new outlook on the designs and fabrics that can be used, which has given Australian Sun Luxuries Pty Ltd the opportunity to share these unique, robust and comfortable designs that can be taken everywhere. The combination of craftsmanship, luxurious fabrics, and an eye for detail, gives Australian Sun Luxuries Pty Ltd a satisfaction guaranteed.

All Bean Bags are made to offer maximum support and comfort for the individual’s body shape and size. Your body will thank you.

Prepare to raise your buoyancy to a new innovative level with these Sun Luxuries.

Whether it be partying with your friends in the pool, tanning at the beach, having a picnic, lounging on your sun deck, snuggling watching movies, kicking back on a boat or camping by a river, this luxurious Bean Bag range will allow you to relax in comfort and style.

Each product is equipped with a childproof safety zip, which is impossible to open without a safety clip. This allows piece of mind for all the parents out there.

There is a zipped inner lining that ensures the beans do not spill if the outer cover is opened. The inner bag also assists with keeping the products shape, as the beans will not descend down one end of the furniture, giving the upmost support.

All of Australian Sun Luxuries furniture has excellent stability ensuring you the maximum comfort for users. The beauty of filling your pool raft, deck, boat and camping furniture with beans, will allow you to mould individually, which allows each person who sits or lays on the products customise to their liking.

Australian Sun Luxuries Pty Ltd have a high-end design and are extremely hard wearing. The Aqua Floats are fitted with an easy drain system for easy clean and quick drying.
Date Posted:
Ordered On: 4/08/2014
Overall Rating
Lorena would not shop at Australian Sun Luxuries again.
Bad quality and unprofessional
My bag feel apart after 5 weeks and it was $159. Once I contacted them explaining the bag is falling apart they accused me of washing it. I said to them I was more than happy to send it back so they can see it's not washed but They ignored my emails and they refused to exchange the item for me or even consider a refund. They were rude and unhelpful. Never buy from here. I'm dealing with my credit card company now trying to get a refund.